Monday, April 20, 2009

Presenters for 2010 Autodidact Symposium

I am pleased to announce that these passionate people will be presenting at The AS:

Wes Beach

Danielle Conger

Blake Boles

Beth Fuller

Evan Hunter Wright

Brenna McBroom

Sean Ritchey

The AS Logo

Here's The Autodidact Symposium logo.


Click on this photo to check out the AS promotional flyer!

Business Card and Carpet

Check out the carpet at the hotel and the design on my business card!

Securing the Location and Date

On March 8, 2009, after two months of negotiating with my hotel's salesman, we finally set the date for the first annual Autodidact Symposium! We both are new to this sort of thing, but we worked very well together to meet each other's needs for this event. I'm very happy to be working with The Marriott Courtyard!